Who knew that the German city of Münster was such a stylish and decent city? I didn’t and I was stunned. Thought I knew Germany and its cities so well. I was born to Germany-phile parents and I had the opportunity to the visit the country very often.

Though, Münster surprised me in a positive way and showed me aspects of the German city I didn’t know.

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Together with local fellow bloggers of Not So Stuffy and Oogst Groningen I was invited to visit Münster during the Christmas festive period. The invitation came by Münster Marketing, the city’s tourist agency. They proposed our a hotel and which shops and restaurants we should pay a visit. They provided us as well with the necessary information in a goody bag. We stayed in hotel Überwasserhof, located just a few paces away of the most interesting hotspots. The rooms were comfy and the breakfast was excellent.

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What I knew about christmas in Germany is that the christmas markets are great. The five (!) in Münster too. The city knows many medieval churches and around every church there is a christmas market. Secondly, Münster knows how to decorate the city with christmas decorations and lights. Well done in a stylish way. There is much to learn on this topic from my own city.

As lover of dapper meets classic meets alternative fashion I was curious to what Münster had to offer. So I was informed that I should visit COS. COS sells Scandi minimalistic fashion. I fell in love with this shop, the design of their fashion as well as the design of the store itself. I didn’t know COS existed, because we don’t have a COS in Groningen. Although its H&M sister Weekday in Groningen is also great.

Elfi sells more classical design, but really nice stuff. Oh these coats… Not too cheap, but yeah, they sell top brands.
I visited three shops which sell green fashion labels, seems they take green fashion quite serieusly in Münster. In Groningen green fashion is also sold, but you have to search very well first. Grüne Wiese, Frau Többen, and Kauf Dich Glücklich concept store sell various green labels. Again, oh these coats… I certainly have to go back, although I didn’t find my new favorite bowties in Münster.
My own opinion was that German fashion was a tiny outdated, but the shops in Münster proved positively otherwise.

The best hot chocolate EVER I had at Roestbar, they made it with 80% cocoa. Try the one with Nöbelchen. Roestbar is a local coffee brand as well as a proper styled coffee house. The best cakes in town are sold at Cafe Konditorei Issel, served together with a decent cup of tea. There are vegan cakes available, like the one I had: balsamico-truffle-chocolate.

That is also an issue I learned: vegetarism and veganism are taken seriously in Münster. All themselves respecting restaurants serve decent vegan food, not just a salad and some nuts. The Stuffies are vegan and had to try the vegan hotspots in Münster, I tried some with them. Krawummel is 100% vegan and Herr Sonnenschein is a good option too! Check the Diskoklo…

Yeah I was really and positively surprised about he city of Münster. A revisit is a certain possibility.

We went to Münster by car, just a 2-hour drive from Groningen but is accessible as well by train, bus and plane. Within Münster you move best by bike, cycling infrastructure is great. Positive to see there more cycling cities like our own Groningen.

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