Last week I needed to go for a fresh haircut to the hairdresser’s. Since a couple of years I go to the gent barbershop. I always go to the same barber in Groningen.

I hate to go for a haircut, or better I did hate to go to the hairdresser’s. I hated it when someone was touching my hair and head. And I hated these forced chit chats about what I do, when to go holiday or if I had a day off. Most of the time the hairdresser were these dolls who merely live to talk and to chat, but of whom I never believer were interested in what I had to say. And I am not such a talkative person to be honest. So I was always quitte happy when I could walk out of there. The most irritating was actually that I never got really the haircut I wanted. I blamed the hairdresser to be ignorant of how hair on a man’s had need to be treated.

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Then barbershops became popular. I mean these traditional barbers for gents (only) which showed going to the barber can be cool again. As man you have the possibility to a stylish haircut again. “We know how to tread you hair. Do you want a coffee or something stronger?
“We have the products you need for your hair.”

So I dropped one time in to see if the barbershop was for me. The moment I stepped into the shop I had to get used to the way they do at the place. I wasn’t used to treated so well at a hairdresser’s. But I had finally the cut I wanted to have for years when I walked out of the shop. Today I only go to a gent barbershop when I need a cut.

Next to what they know best for my hair, I do like the classic surroundings. Like the barber chairs, the smell of the products, the fashion style of the barbers, pomade, and believe it or not: the chat with my barber. At my barber’s I learned good conversations at the hairdresser’s exist. And Melvin the barber who does my haircut every time I need a cut, just continues with the conversation six weeks later.


The place where I feel so comfortable is De Barbershop in Groningen. Four men do an excellent job in keeping their costumers satisfied, they’re quite busy when I need my haircut. Fortunately more men here in Groningen discover that the quality of a barbershop is good for their appearance. Good to see the man becomes more self-confident about his look again. There are five barbershops in town. De Barbershop has a great fifties design and good background music, but De Zwarte Raaf barbershop has a real traditional 1890s vibe mixed with tattooed barbers. While Moustache is cosy and intimate. Gents is the newest barber hotspot. De Echte Mannenkapper cuts without appointment.




Me and my bowties

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