My love for bowties, that is what you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

I love them very much and I would like to share with you why.

The way someone dresses does explain some about a person. You need to be comfortable in your cloths and it expresses yourself to the world. You could say people try to make a statement by their clothing and their style. I know people who don't care at all how they look. Just a jumper, trousers, set of shoes and ready. This are the practical kind of people. There are people with secondhand cloths who mind the production of new fashion. Etcetera.

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And there is me wearing a bowtie. But is a bowtie a statement? First I didn't know and I would say: no. But last week I had an interesting conversation at a local tourism meeting. There was this guy who organized whiskey events around the city. He was there dressed in a Scottish kilt. He asked me why I wore a bowtie, as I was wearing one that day. I answered him that I just wear them. He said he liked it when people dress differently of mainstream fashion.
Later on he said to me: "you are a friendly shin kicker*. You like to trigger people to act. According to you people should not rest on their laurels. You like to discomfort people on a friendly way. You dress like a dandy with your ties and style."


I originally started with my blog to kick the ass of the local tourist agency. The agency is a tiny too self-confident in what  it is doing, but lacks a lot of effort to make our place more international friendly.

Dandyism is to make an ironical statement about fashion and about oneself. Dandies could like to discomfort people in their nine-just-like-that appearance^ and acting. The guy could be true. I like to be a slight different or do the things slightly different then the business as usual way. So probably also in my style of dressing.


I like the dapper style of dressing.It is neat, fashionable and gives a confident impression. I like ties especially bowties, for they are manageable, different sorts and truly an addition to one's appearance. Wearing bowties however seems special, because not many wear them other than at christmas. At my work I often get the remark that I look quitte smart as if I am ready to go to some party. Obviously I don't, and people seem to be out of their comfort zone. Would that guy  be right after all?

I wear my ties about three years now. I do not exactly know why I started to wear them, possibly because I saw some good looking guys with a tie and I wanted that for me as well, I think. In the mean time however I collected some more ties. I started with a black one for my graduation, but now I own ties in various colours and shapes. Two for every day... More will come definitely!


* sorry I don't know the proper English word for it
^ is this the right way to put it?

Well-dressed in Town
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