Working outside is a great thing to do. Why sitting an entire day in the office from dusk to dawn when there is also the possibility to work in a library or even better in a coffee bar. To speak for myself, my concentration is better in a cafe then at the office. So now and then I go to work in one of the best places for a coffee and tea in Groningen, a place which booms by coffee and tea lovers.

Like elsewhere in the world in Groningen coffee and tea are rediscovered as well.  People have rediscovered that having a good coffee or tea should be at a special place. And so in Groningen many venues and coffee bars appeared, at Oude kijk in’t Jat straat in particular. This street is what I call Coffee Lane. Let me give an impression.

Simon Lévelt. Located at the beginning of the street (from direction of Vismarkt square) and probably at the best location of the street. At least at the most sunniest with a nice view on the crossing with Zwanestraat and all the passing cyclist. There are benches outside. Simon Lévelt serves a wide sorts of coffee. Note their selection of chocolates.

Holtbar. Holtbar is a fresh mix of coffee and tea and a concept store. Run by two sisters who reflect their vision on sustainability on the goods and coffee they sell. Holtbar means sustainable in Danish and their family name ends with –holt. The sisters sell items by makes that are hardly sold in Groningen. Their selection of coffee is made from Earthcoffee beans. Their fine selection of tea comes from Theefabriek in Houwerzijl in the province of Groningen. Holtbar offers a nice peaceful atmosphere and sells nice stuff, including Vera posters. Students come here to study.

PS! Koffie. A few steps away is PS! Koffie. The bar and some of the tables look like to be inspired by Gaudí. The bar and tables are tessellated with own-painted tile fragments. The owners attend coffee work shops around the globe. And tea is served with a timer. Every kind of tea has its own time to steep for its right taste. The home-baked cakes and cookies are gorgeous. The place is very popular by expats. Fellow blog Oogst Groningen visited PS! Koffie also.

Bij Britta. Cake heaven is in Groningen. Britta sells awesome home backed cakes which all need to be tried. If you have not enough time this coffee bar should be a reason for a revisit. Next to the cakes Bij Britta serves 100 sorts of tea. On the wall hang samples available for smelling: first use your nose before having tea. Next to tea and coffee fruit juices from Groningen Land wine farm are served and sold. The interior gives off an atmosphere of going to nan for a treat. The colleagues of Not So Stuffy visited Bij Britta as well.

Feel Good Fruit & Juice. Feel Good deals with a good feeling. Next to the ‘regular’ coffee and tea juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches are served. Ingredients are local and biological as much as possible. Feel Good is located opposite the Harmonie university building.

No 25. This café is more like a bistro. It serves next to a small selection of coffee and tea all sorts of salads and sandwich alike food. A friendly place, often full with guests. But more suitable for after a visit in one of the other houses.

Black & Bloom. This house is ruled by the coffee king from Groningen. And third place of best coffee bars in the country. Owner Gerben Engelkes selects ‘insanely’ good stuff from all over the world roasted by the best roasters in Europe. He just started to roast coffee by himself. According his website some keywords: Single Origins, Espresso from the Synesso, Filter at the Brewbar, Hario, Chemex, Aeropress, Cosy Atmosphere, home-made cakes and bakes, Retro F1, Students, StarWars, Transformers and more coffee tomfoolery… Beware: coffee geeks are free to move at the shop!

MasMas. This sympathetic bar is the youngest on the branch of coffee places in Groningen at this street. MasMas is a concept started as alternative for Starbucks in Barcelona. Masmas Groningen is the first of this concept in Holland. Philosophy by Masmas is lounging with a good cup of coffee. The place offers free wifi for those who want to work, games, a community table, and a book shelf with books to be exchanged. Have a look! Oogst Groningen visited MasMas just before it opened.

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