This month Groningen is destination of the month  on WikiVoyage.

I am Dandy who’s living in this City.


I started this blog to show how great it is to live in this place. International press called our city a hidden gem and pure Dutch without the crowds like in Amsterdam. Well the crowds can stay there, but more people should come and pay us a visit. Locals aren’t that good in promoting their place as destination. That had to be changed. Although I changed a little bit the scope to men’s fashion, this dandy still wants to show his city. One cannot be dandy without a city.

So I heard that Groningen will be destination of the month in July on WikiVoyage, the free online world-wide travel guide. Again another proof our place is interesting for tourism. So as a preview I show you some top picks about Groningen from this blog and from other places of the web. Enjoy! And hopefully see you here soon…

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1 day in Groningen – our city guide

A visit to Groningen is certainly doable in 1 day. Most highlights are concentrated in the city centre on walking distance, as well as most of the bars and restaurants. Please let me give some suggestions for what to do and to see at a 1 day visit to Groningen.





Groningen from the inside

I-love-Groningen tag is a Q&A about Groningen for Groningen-based bloggers. Its a great opportunity to offer a sneak-a-peak into Groningen. The I-love-Groningen tag is been introduced by the girls from Not So StuffyCheck also their Groningen tips!





Groningen- My city

In this blog my life in the city, fashion in the city, the city’s hotspots and things from abroad to take back to my city. Its vibrancy, its energy are as big as the biggest city on earth and that is why I fell in love with this town and that’s why Groningen is a hotspot.



GroningenThe Pinterest houses

Groningen has an international tourist attraction not many locals recognize as a hotspot for tourism, namely the colourful houses in one of the neighbourhoods. Well-known from their appearances on Pinterest and Instagram.





OOGST Groningen

Oogst is an inspirational blog about Groningen that aims to seduce in a positive and creative way. This town is not just another European city, it’s a destination! Groningen’s creative energy emanates on the city’s streets and in conversation with locals. They share with you the coolest hotspots, shops, cafes, restaurants and many more. This blog’s restyle will soon be launched: keep an eye on it!




Groningen Travel Tips from An American Expat and Blogger

This post is part of our Tips from a Local interview series, where we interview locals for insiders travel tips about their city! Today, we’re chatting to Rachel Heller about the highlights, hidden spots, and best things to do in Groningen.

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