Dream on little dreamer.

I want to share with you a song that seems to have been written for me personally. For me as a hdreamer. It is the song You Got To Go by Above & Beyond.

Dream on little dreamer
This is how it all begins
Move your feet
Feel how sweet it is

Dream on little dreamer
Follow all of your signs
You gotta gather up what you need
You gotta choose a direction
And when the moment is right for you
You gotta go


I am a huge dreamer. I can dream about everything; especially about what I would like to do one time, like for work, travels, living etc. Sometimes I dream a bit too much, that I start to forget reality. Then in my dreams things have become perfect and will go perfect. The dream world feels very comfortable to stay in.

In real life things will unfortunately not go perfectly. Dreamt expectations won't often come out. That makes it hard to get out of the comfy dream world.

But, dreaming brings out new ideas too! It is not just bad. By dreaming thoughts go other directions and unexpected ideas or views turn up. The philosopher Kierkegaard argued that dreaming reduces need to travel. In dreams far more interesting places can be visited. Only uninspired people must travel.


You Got To Go

Why does it feel the song is written for me personally?

The song helped me to make a drastic choice after too much dreaming and doubting.
This happened when I was working aboard a chemical tankers at sea as a nautical officer. I chose to become an officer because I thought this would be a perfect job for me. I really like the studies and I like to work on the navigation bridge. I dreamt it was like steering luxurious ocean liners like Titanic. This wasn't the case once I started to work. There were a lot of things on board which I really didn't like.

I experienced the consequences of my dreaming and I knew that I was romanticising the possible job alternatives. It was a bit of a crisis.

Then the song says: come on dreamer, go! Move your feet, it isn't so scary as you imagine it is. Go - and these words touch me most - follow your signs. Deep inside you know you have to go, all signs are there. Take what you need, choose your direction and dare to face the unknown, which isn't bad.

But, keep on dreaming; also about your choice. Keep on dreaming big, because the sky belongs to no one.

Keep on dreaming. In the end things went better as imagined.

Keep on dreaming.


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