Last month two new fashion stores for men have opened in town: a true dandy shoes store and the first flag ship store for Amsterdam based brand Dstrezzed. And of course Dandy and the City was present to report.


Every dandy in Groningen should from now on buy his shoes at Schoenenzaken - "Masters in Gentlemen's Shoes". Honoustly, the shoes made my mouth water. And fortunately a dedicated shoe store for men opened again in Groningen while other shoe stores ceased to sell male shoes.
Schoenenzaken was opened by personnel who worked for the former Schoenenfabriek in Groningen which unfortunately went bankrupt. Schoenenzaken is inspired by the Italian/dandy/slightly-different-shoes-as-normal concept from Schoenenfabriek. That was a great concept which worked in Groningen and unfortunately not at the other locations.

The Schoenenzaken men however found their dandy inspiration closer to home by selling mostly Dutch shoe brands. The most striking shoes are those by Mascolori - a colour explosion from Rotterdam. The shoes by Greve have a map on the soles with the location of the Greve headquarters. Other great examples of shoe brands are Grotesque and their stone-washed shoes, REHAB, this winter's boots by Melvin & Hamilton, Hundred100 or the Scandi boots by Sneaky Steve (among other nice brands). But if one likes to be even more sartorial, bespoke shoes are a serious thing as well. Shoes totally fit to your feet and you can choose the colour yourself. Done by Schoenenzaken themselves.

Every man in town should walk into Schoenenzaken whether he needs shoes or not. What happens is that he gets his inspiration about appearance - "shoes are the foundation of a man's appearance"-, about gentlemanship, dandyism, thus his style. Luckily the concept of men shoe style continued in Groningen. Hopefully more men from outside will come to Groningen for their footwear.


Dstrezzed is midrange casual fashion brand from Amsterdam, which resently launched its Dandy Blue (sic) jeans line. Groningen-based gent fashion store Cledingraad already had Dstrezzed in its collection. The owner saw some possibilities when the shop became available at the other side of the street. Dstrezzed is a brand which is popular in town and Dstrezzed was enthusiastic about the idea for the first flagship store in Holland. And so it came. The result is a nicely decorated space with some vintage furniture and a lot of fine Dstrezzed items. There is the largest Dstrezzed jeans collection in the country, and to my joy more smart casual items. My favourite is the Jacquard Wool blazer. I think the store is a gain for our city. It's always nice to have a flagship store within the city walls.

Dstrezzed is just a few steps away from Schoenenzaken. I am very happy to see that a man has again more possibilities to go for his style in the city.

Two Rotterdam men's fashion boutiques