One of the highlights in Groningen is the Groningen museum. Not just because it is the largest museum around, but it has an extensive interesting collection of mainly modern art and special ceramics.

Expect art which confronts, which excites and confuses. But also historic paintings, handcraft and prehistoric remains.

First of all it is a remarkable building, between the main station and the centre. Groningen museum is based in a building designed by Allesandro Mendini and a team of renowned architects like COOP Himmelb(l)au. The place where the museum stands used to be a turning basin for ships. The museum is an artificial island and forms a new route into the city centre. Some of the museum rooms are below the waterline.

The museum building consist of several pavilions. The design of the pavilions is based on their function within the museum or grabs back to the local history. The design of the round pavilion refers to the museum’s ceramic art. This part of the museum looks like a potter’s wheel. The brick pavilion grabs back on the local tradition of building. Bricks were widely used as building material in Groningen. This pavilion exhibits the work of local artists collective De Ploeg. COOP Himmelb(l)au designed the ‘chaotic’ pavilion at the other side of the museum in style of deconstructivism. It consists of a lot of steel, glass and concrete.

The largest part of the museum is dedicated for temporary exhibitions, mostly modern artish. The own collection is off course exhibited as well. The own collection consists of traditional art, collector collections, porcelain and modern art of which are works from Andy Warhol, Victor & Rolf and Ai Weiwei.

Remarkable are a room full of silver (Groningen used to be a silver city) and a room containing historic portraits of the rich and the famous. De Ploeg was and is a local collective of artist and the famous artist of this group have their place in the museum as well.

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Groningen Museum stairs

Groningen Ploeg

Groningen silver

Groningen Werkman

Groningen museum art


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