"Modern Dandy" is how I describe myself. This blog is for modern dandies and gentlemen. But who are modern dandies and gentlemen, or more important, what are modern dandies and gentlemen? In this post I reflect on my interpretation of both.

About my style

Sometimes I am in doubt about what actually my style is. Am I a modern dandy? And what are my ideas of how a modern man/dandy looks like? The thought makes me anxious if the style which I want to have is really my style and if I show it properly on this blog.

I choose to call the style modern because we are simply not living 100 years ago. Contemporary style has evolved since. Design and taste have changed, as well as the purpose of particular items. I think we should not want to dress like people ages ago. What importants is, and what we as men forgot is to regard style as men used to regard it.

So let me start with the definition of Dandy. A Dandy is a man who put more emphasis on his physical appearance pursued with the appearance of nonchalance. His goal is to make a statement against the prevailing fashion conventions. That is what Beau Brummell, Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron did, playing with society with their clothing.


But these were all 19th century men. How can a dandy be modern? I actually think there is not much difference. Men must give attention to how they look, and they can do that in the dandy way too. I think people today still need stimulation in their appearance. And that can be done with modern fashion - haute couture perhaps better - too, or by using old fashion style items in a new way. Maybe a modern dandy can be a dandy while dressing minimalistic. The thing about style is to know how to dress and then to wear stuff in different ways deliberately. But there's also the option of keeping items away.

A modern dandy for me is someone who is creative with his appearance, whether he wears it in the classical way or just modern. As long as he knows what he is doing. As long as its excites.

Although Hardy Amies might disagree...


So am I a modern dandy? I use bowties. I use waistcoats. Though I combine them with jeans. I wear traditional trousers, but of modern cut and with less traditional shoes. What I call the art of combining. I like minimalistic fashion design. And quite like to excite others with my style hoping to inspire to look at their own style. So maybe, yeah.

Here's some style of which I get my inspiration from.

These pictures are not my own. Via Pinterest.

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