How to spend a lazy afternoon on one of your last days of the summer holidays? Right, by watching some good movies and series on Netflix. Preferably the ones which present us some style on the screen. That is: well-dressed cast, the main characters know the art of dressing, at least some of the characters have class. Important because, 1. we like good style and 2. to become inspired again, for the holidays are almost over and we’ll have to be back to work or school soon. Only to return well-dressed.

So what to watch then? There are numurous movies and series in which people look smart, like Suits, The Crown or House of Cards. Personally I like the lesser known movies and series. Watching these feels like to discover new movies and series.  I recently bumped into certain good movies and series. Movies and series which showed some style on the screen. The directors and story makers of these had sense of good style. Some of the characters were surely smartly dressed. An other was an historic drama, and this one reminded to what we might have lost. Combine style with a good story and I melt.

Below here you’ll find the Dandy’s recommendation to watch. They are not entirely of recent – say 2016/2017 – date, but that shouldn’t matter. If you have seem them before, in my opinion they are worth it of seeing a second time.


London Spy

The world of the romantic Danny Holt – Ben Wishaw at his best –  gets more and more dystopic when his great lover Alex disappears.  Searching for answers Danny enters a world of dark intrigue, espionage and betrayal. Is his friend Scottie – subtle but greatly portrayed by Jim Broadbent – really his friend? Will his friendship survive? Who can be trusted? And most important question: is it all real or not..?

Prepare for five thrilling episodes.



Django Unchained

Django Unchained is (another) gem of a movie by Quentin Tarantino. It puts certainly style on the screen. Tarantino takes us back to the 19th century south of America. The America of slaves, plantations and eccentric planters. Django Unchained is also a western movie, because the movie’s quest – the search for a freed slave’s wive – starts with bounty hunting in cowboy town.

Django Unchained is in this list because of the well-looking ladies and gentlemen in 1850s garments. Star in this part is definitely Leonardo DiCaprio. He plays a planter with a southern accent who needs to be convinced to free Django his wife. Needles to say his is not convinced easily.



Mr. Holmes

We all know the series Sherlock and the incredible coat he wears during the series. Mr. Holmes brings us back to an Edwardian and elderly Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock has changed city life for life in the country side and looks back at his life. As good as possible, his once brilliant mind became older too. One case still bothers him. As good and bad as it goes he tries to find the answer. The people around Sherlock think otherwise. The movie is much slower as its modern counterpart, but the clash is felt to the bones. Mr. Holmes is a beautiful and subtle movie and heaven for Victorian and Edwardian fashion lovers.



The Danish Girl

We all know Eddie Redmayne for his magical tied slim bow tie and his superb outfit in Fantastic Beasts. Eddie Redmayne looks great in his well-cut suits too; chalk stripe, shirts with club collars. But he is also so convincing as a woman, one would forget it’s a man playing Lili Elbe, the first known transgender.

Oh what did I long back to the 1920s when I watched the movie. It seems men and women still knew some class, to tie proper knots, wearing hats. To look smart was not something despicable for men as seeming for them today. Top outfit in the movie is Eddie Redmayne wearing before mentioned suit, a trench coat with a collar made from fur finished with a homburg hat. Excellent.




Style as we know it from the Brits – with a 1970s-ish filter. London as we know it. London style as we know it (I was quite impressed by the way men dress when I visited the British capital for the first time some years ago). This series is also the British detective series as we know it: sinister.

The London neighborhood of Whitechapel is haunted by a Jack the Ripper copycat. A team of detectives has to stop the killings and to catch the killer. Next to their hunt for the new Ripper, every character has his own ghost to fight. From the past or present. This is probably why this series fascinates. Note the style of detective inspector Chandler and the looks of constable Kent.


Dreamer, you got to go
City Boy II