Back to the great age of discoveries.

Hidden at a small alley at Oude Kijk in ‘t Jat Straat is the University Museum Groningen. The museum is a hotspot full of curious accessoires. This cosy museum exhibits all sorts of curiosities related to the research done at the university. The University Museum is rather small, but it has everything what can be expected from a science museum.

On an afternoon I had nothing to do I visited this museum to have a look and to write about.

The upper room is decorated in Victorianish style.  This room exhibits instruments and most interesting objects of the museum’s collection. A sort of back to the heydays of science with stones, skelletons, a paper-maché man, and a 2500-year old mummie. And off course there are the limbs and humans put in jars. Note also the first electric vehicle dating from 1835. Professor Stratingh invented this tiny car at the university.

The other rooms and the entrance are spacious and modern. The modern rooms on the ground floor are used for temporal exhibitions. The museum is not so big, but its collection is rather extensive. The exhibitions show items from the museum’s own collection in various themes. There was an exhibition about archeology going in on the day we visited the museum. All kind of ancient artefacts were shown. Quite interesting. The presentation of the information however was a little bit static. That could use some improvement.

What we found also interesting was the room dedicated to Aletta Jacobs. She was the fist female student in the Netherlands. She studied medicine at the university of Groningen. She was quitte influential as doctor. She was also one of the first Dutch feminists pleaing for voting rights for females.

A visit to the University Museum is great when having a few hours left or on a rainy day and you’re in for some discoveries. Also great for children to discover the history of science with all the interesting artefacts. This museum is a true treasure with curiosities for young and old. And there are no entrance fees.

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Mummie Groningen        First electric car

University museum room        University museum entrance

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Groningen Museum