Blue appears to be my favorite colour. If you asked me I would rather say red, but generally looking at my style blue is the colour I wear most. Is wearing blue a safe choice? I would say: yes. Blue would fit to everyone, and might be less sensational to wear. Blue however is a really good colour to combine with. In this post I wear two combinations based on blue.

Outfit 1: blue and grey

In this combination the blue details and grey jacket fit together very well. It’s a safe choice, but it always fits.

Coat: Suitsupply
Jacket: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Shirt: Profuomo
Waistcoat: Suitsupply
Shoes: Francesco Benigno
Bowtie: Sir by Monstros de Companhia

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Outfit 1: blue and red

In this combination the blue is combined with some red details for extra subtlety.

Coat: Suitsupply
Trousers: Zara
Shirt: Profuomo
Waistcoat: Suitsupply
Shoes: Francesco Benigno
Knitted tie: Suitsupply
Socks: Weekday


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Well-dressed in Town 2
Well-dressed in Town