Part 2 of what makes a man well-dressed and how well-dressed the men are in Town. This time I visited local men stores Harvie and Androesja.

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Harvie is a store for true gentlemen. If you aren’t, Harvie’s owner Rudolf is happy to teach about how a gentleman dresses and behaves. This store breathes detail and class; it is more a boutique than a store. Harvie sells clothing from Italian cut and fashion brands. Dandies would feel home here, because next to clothes, ties, accessories, and the shop sells an extended line of perfume, mainly Aqua di Parma; “quitte successful”.

What does Rudolf think of the Groningen men style? “Something men in Groningen definitely lack.” It’s a pity men don’t regard fashion so seriously. In Groningen one goes easily to theatre in jeans and sweater. Men who give attention to their appearance, a very small minority in Groningen, are a hopeful sign when spotted.

On my question about what the cause could be of the simple style by the men, the answer is that young men don’t learn from their fathers how to knot a tie or how to wear jackets on the proper way. The boys just do something when they are at a formal party. Luckily the awareness for a good appearance grows under young men and more young men visit the shop for a new suit.


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Androesja is a men fashion store also in the higher segment. The shop opened just after the financial crisis commenced in 2009 and did well during the lesser years. The store looks spacious and well-decorated and furnished. Eye-catcher is the large chandelier in the back of the store.

The fashion at the store is stylish. Owner Androesja is happy to see the men are becoming more stylish. More men come to visit Androesja for new clothing so men are starting to value a decent stylish look. Not only the elder, but certainly also the younger. It helps that staff is relatively young too. It sends out the message that giving attention to your look as man is not something bad or to feel ashamed about.


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Green for Casual
Wearing Blue Combinations