What makes a man well-dressed? How well-dressed are the men in Groningen? People living in countries known for their fashion think the people in Holland aren’t so well dressed at all. I went to the best and my favorite men fashion stores in town and asked them what they think about the fashion style of men in Groningen. Is Groningen a stylish city? Is Groningen a fashion place at all?

Part I of the fashion state of the Groningen man according fashion stores in Groningen.

Cledingraad is a street fashion store in Groningen which sells mainly small fashion brands. Owner Clement tells me he tries to dress men with some confidence in well fitting fashion. The fashion at Cledingraad looks to be for tough guys and casual, but when you look closer it’s also neat and subtle. Except for the socks. The socks are quite explicit. For me, the details are in the socks. If you give attention to how your socks look and how they fit with the rest, then the rest is certainly ok. Cledingraad is ok. It is not for being to chic, but for a good address for a fashionable street look.
Men in Groningen can have some fashionableness, they are a slight too careful of what they wear. There will certainly be no lack of inspiration from this nice store.


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In Petto
A place what nows what style is, carried through in perfection at all levels of detail. A fashion highlight in Groningen. The boutique’s design is modern and minimalistic. As are the clothes. In Petto sells dapper Italian-look slim cut clothing with a minimalistic touch. Not too chic, but certainly not casual. The fashion is taut, subtle and dapper, it gives a well-dressed and confident look. That is maybe why I bought my Patricia Pepe beanie at In Petto.
The fashion style of the owners reflects their store. According to them it is a pity not more men in Groningen want to look a little more well-dressed and dare to be a tiny different than average. This is not in Groningen only, but even in the more fashion-confident south of Holland. People tend to buy less new clothes since the financial crisis of 2008 or want to have cheaper fashion. At cost of how well-dressed they are. And yet, In Petto sells only fashion of which the owners think is beautiful enough, not if it’s good for sales, though not fits at In Petto. And that works, among the costumers are people from Bali.



Hanx is totally different. The fashion at Hanx is inspired by the anglo-saxon Victorian factory workers. Tough denim, caps, hats, boots and 1920s-ish suits and the blues, a lot of blues. Even if you won’t buy new cloths here, you might end up with buying one of the blues vinyls and a good chat about music.
Hanx is of details. The store looks industrial vintage, it feels convenient, it’s finishing touch the original General Electric fridge from the 1930s. Next to fashion a lot of accessories are for sale.
Fashion at Hanx’s needs more attention, far more attention, because the fashion from here also reflects confidence of not wearing the average. This style is about details and about an attitude. Men know what they are wearing. This store is a gain for Groningen. According Hanx men from Groningen are too shy to enter, less confident in what they wear. “If I’d opened this store in Rotterdam I would have been much bigger than here in Groningen.” Groningen needs probably to learn what is the meaning of style. Hanx knows this.


Groningen - My city
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