1 day in Groningen!

My city is an absolute hotspot. A visit to Groningen is certainly doable in 1 day. Most highlights are concentrated in the city centre on walking distance, as well as most of the bars and restaurants. The main train station is just outside the city centre, at which all busses and train arrive. The bus arriving from the airport stops also at the station.

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Vismarkt Groningen

Groningen is a nice alternative to visit when staying in Holland and if like to see something different than Amsterdam, The Hague, or the Keukenhof flower garden. Or for just one day Holland, by international bus from Belgium or Germany or by plane from Copenhagen and London Southend airport. Please let us give suggestions for what to do and to see at a 1 day visit to Groningen. Times are based on the arrival and departure times of the flights from and to Copenhagen and London Southend airport. Arriving by train or bus, times may differ of course.



My suggestion:

09.35 Arrival at Groningen airport. Take bus or taxi to main station (1) or city centre.

strong>10.00 Arrival at city centre. Time for a refreshment after the journey. Have a coffee or tea at Wadapartja, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 39-41 (2). This is the broad avenue which is crossed when walking from the main station towards the city centre.

11.00 Time for some culture, a visit of Groninger Museum (3). The museum is based in the post-modern building designed by Mendini at the middle of a canal just near Groningen main station. The museum exhibits collections of artists from Groningen and the north of the country. The museum is renowned for its exhibitions of modern art and its temporal exhibitions.

13.00 Lunch time. Have a walk to the city centre through the best street of the country, Folkingestraat (4). A nice street with all kind of shops, boutiques, and bistros. Have for example lunch at Baq bakery (5). When the weather is good, have lunch at Miss Blanche (6), which has a terrace with a great view on the most beautiful canal in the city, Brugstraat 27. Fancy food sharing, have your lunch at Het Concerthuis, a vibrant bistro with a sence of hipster, Poelestraat 30 (7).

14.00 Moments for sightseeing. Groningen used to be a powerful city in the north for several centuries. This has resulted in a number of marquant buildings. The most famous is Martini Tower, named not after the drink, but after Saint Martin (8). Some say the tower was the highest in Europe at the time it was completed. Martini Tower is accessible offering a nice view over the city. Tickets are available at the tourist information opposite the tower entrance at Grote Markt square. The church itself has an organ which is world famous (some say), anyway note the medieval wall and roof paintings.

Grote Markt square is the main square in Groningen (9). The old town hall is located at the square (10). The south side of the square is original, the other sides were destroyed during WOII. The other, and largest square is Vismarkt square (11). Home of the week market and fish market. Still many fishmongers sell their fish here today. At the outer end of the square stands the former grain exchange, now home of a supermarket (12). Note the former trade hall. Behind the building stands Our Lady of the Aa, Der Aa-Kerk. The other large medieval church in Groningen. The church is named after the Drentse Aa river, which is now part of the city canals.

Boteringestraat is a street with many medieval houses (13). The board of the university resides in a large baroque building. Next to this building is the former medieval court-house, now the theological faculty of the university. The main university building is located at a side street of Boteringestraat (14). Have a look inside and note the bikes in front of the building.
At the other side of the Boteringe bridge lays Ossemarkt square (15). A square with various baroque buildings. The very large building with decorations used to belong to a former governor of Bengal. A very rich man. Rhino Clara was his pet. Little bit further at Boteringestraat stands Nieuwe Kerk church (16). This baroque church was built as protestant church on a grave yard dating back to prehistory.

16.00 Nearly time to return to the airport. Maybe a quick coffee or tea at Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat. PS! Koffie or Bij Britta coffee bars are nice (17). Both serve gorgeous cakes. Too early back at the airport? The airport restaurant BITES has a nice view on the apron. Busses and taxis to the airport leave from the main station.

17.30 Plane leaves for Copenhagen and Southend. Hope you had a nice day in our city.

Martini tower        Groningen Museum Station        Folkingestraat bikes

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