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New Directions

It has been a while since my latest post. Many excuses for that. But, I have not been sitting on my hands. This new year, 2019 will be the year of Dandy and the City. Let me explain.

Let me first wish you all a good 2019, and a stylish year too of course. I hope more men will find their style. That they will experience it is not a shame to put effort in their appearance at all.

On the blog in a new year

What will 2019 look like for this blog?

Dandy and the City will have a new look! The site and content will be taken one step further. Content and looks will be more harmonized. You might have noticed the looks of this website has changed twice last year. Not good from a marketing perspective. Last year, I searched too much to layouts which could fit best with the message and so I neglected my message, but I did not find the right one. This year: more style and better looks.

One of the issues which are very relevant at the moment is sustainability. People more and more recognize the importance of a fair and sustainable way of living. The blog will focus also more on a sustainable and stylish lifestyle. Fashion and the production of clothing has quite a high environmental impact. Fortunately there are initiatives to reduce the impact. The question for this year on the blog is whether menstyle and an sustainable lifestyle can come together or not. I will dedicate a blogpost on the issue soon.

There will be a webshop! I can't go into details at the moment, but this will be very exciting. Think in the sustainable direction.

Podcasts about style for men will be the newest feature on the blog. The podcasts are being recorded at the moment. All issues about style for men will be discussed. Stay tuned.
Next to the podcast other new section will be introduced this year.

So yeah, I am very excited for this year. Dandy and the City will move an interesting step forward. There will be more style, more tips, more backgrounds, and also more posts online. Be sure to be keep updated!

Happy New Year.

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