An Era of Style

I am very pleased about the influence of social media and online content on the appearance of today's men. Men slowly start to accept that looking good as a man is also okay. And that an own style is positive for your self image, whatever style a man likes. A new era of style emerges. Too long we did not care about our looks and we forgot all about it.

I am a great fan of Sir Edwin Hardy Amies when he writes about men's fashion. He keeps pinpointing that style and dressing are a form of etiquette. He says: "correct dressing is only another form of good manners, and good manners are only another form of mental comfort." See here the reason for existence of the dress code. The occasion asks for a certain dress not to bring others into embarrassment. 

And yet, we still have a lot to discover, or to rediscover. For a long time the idea was that we had to act normal, because that is already silly enough. Dressing up and putting effort in an outfit for the occasion was not stimulated. Normal day-to-day clothes were fine. Etiquette has become a curiosity. 

Too often I have to explain the reasons for dressing up, that a dress code is part of the interaction with other people. I get the reaction that it all is theatre. Of course it is a play, but one with an aim like every form of interaction. 

My message is: put effort in your looks - whatever your style - for yourself and for the other. But thanks the rediscovery of style is going on. Luckily I see more men getting aware of what they like. Young men start to wear suits again with pride. It is also pleasant to notice the acceptance of men for style tips by other men and in shops. 

So fellow gents, let's hope this a true era of style.

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