Our fashion revolution

This week we can finally announce the direction we'll head with the blog and the products we will sell in our new webshop! Both, but the products in particular have to do with this week's International Fashion Revolution Week. With our product we will demonstrate that also exclusive wear can be produced in an honest way. With this post we start to tell our story of conscious and exclusive wear: human scale and the wearer put central again.

Fashion revolution

The week remembers the collapse of the Rana Plaza sweatshop in Bangladesh on April 24th 2013 killing more than a thousand workers. Maintenance to the building was very poor as result of the competitiveness to produce cheap fashion for Western companies. The event was een eyeopener to many that the production of clothing went in a dangerous direction: negative for the workers, but also negative for the environment. The week aims to change the mind of fashion consumers.

Conscious fashion

And that is our starting point. More fair and eco friendly fashion is being sold today. But not as exclusive wear unfortunately, or just very limited. That is what we are going to change: looking exclusively smart and yet conscious about the way the outfit is produced.


So we are happy to launch are our own conscious exclusive wear brand very soon. We start with exclusively produced ties in very limited collections. All ties are handmade. The ties are made from rare design fabrics. Most important, the ties are consciously produced because we only use materials that became 'secondhand' for some reason but still are of very high quality. We believe too often high-qualitative fabrics are thrown away too quickly. So that's why we can make our extreme limited edition ties. It is exclusive wear but still considers the environment and working rights.

Our ties will be supplemented in our online concept store with conscious produced shirts and other essential accessories.

Curious about our ties, brand and online concept store? Keep following!
We give you a peak of the fabrics which are used for our this in the pictures below. We keep the name of the brand for ourselves for a while...

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