First steps forward

In my last post I revealed to you my new plans for Dandy and the City for 2019. I am very happy to make a post about the first steps I made towards the accomplishment of the plans. Dandy and the city gets a complete makeover and the posting strategy changes with new post more frequently.

The first conceptual ideas for the new site have been exchanged with the website developer and they look really awesome! The new version of the blog must have an exclusive layout. I will write more about the link between exclusive smart style and fair and ecological fashion for men. Such a site needs some poshy looks.

The webshop comes in the same exclusive style. The fair and eco smart style products which will be sold are in the exclusive range. This weekend I’ll visit Paris for the products which are to be sold in the webshop. I go to Paris to buy fabrics, but more I can’t say¬†about the products unfortunately.

A new series of podcasts gets an important role on the blog. I recorded and edited four episodes of the new series already. I am very excited to publish them, but I have to wait until the new site is online. Preparations for new episodes are in the making though.

Really, I am very excited. It is a lot of work, but so it is so much fun. The first steps are the most important.

So don’t forget to



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