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Sometimes you meet people who do interesting things related to a stylish appearance. Sometimes you meet them in your own place.
Not so long ago I met the owner of King Watch, Рa webshop based in hometown Groningen Рwho literally sells watches for kings. He had my interest  and we agreed to meet. I like it when someone from my own city sells these special and beautiful and above all stylish items. Say for yourself, what could be more complementory to ones style than a watch?


Watch for kings


King Watches sells unique and very rare watches. Most of them are produced in a limited edition, with prizes in Euros ranging from 1k to 25k. So literally watches for kings. I am always very excited when someone has eye to a good appearance at home and who sells this. Groningen is a great place to live, but the local man is unfortunately not famous for his taste. Hello locals! Please read my blog!
King Watch sells watches all around the globe. The local market is too small. But hey, this company is located here because the town’s vibrancy. Customers are people who like special watches. Not only because the watches are expensive and they could afford them, but because they appriciate these watches for their exclusivity. Breitlings and Rolexes are available at almost every corner. King Watch watches are only sold on limited places.


Watches for kings



So which watches are we talking about?

The first example is the Alpina Extreme 12 Hour of Sebring Limited Edition Watch No. 001. Every year Alpina brings out an edition watch of the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race in Florida, USA. There is a limit of 257 pieces. This watch has series number 001.

A very expensive looking watch is the golden watch by Maurice Lacroix. Quite stunning actually. This watch is the first with a Lacroix in-house made clockwork.

Another Maurice Lacroix is the Gravity and maybe more interesting than the golden one. Gold is timeless, but safe. Gravity exites. With the Gravity watch one is able to dive 50 meters below the surfac – who doesn’t want to dive 50 meters deep?¬† It’s all black with leather bands and does also have a sapphire glass back side. The oscillator for winding the watch is located at the visible front of the watch. But because of that all the watch makes a robust impression.

And lastly, the Azimuth Heritage Singapore Commemorative Limited Edition Watch. This watch depicts the clock of Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar railway station which again is based on the dial from Big Ben’s tower in London. Azimuth is a young watch manufacturer with links to Singapore. This watch is limited to only 47 pieces. 47 because it has fourtyseven years ago since Singapore’s independence at the time the watch came out.



Watch for kings


Accessories, it’s all about accessories. A man can make the difference with his accessoiries. I talk a lot about ties and bowties, but for those who like watches that is also okay. If you feel you’re a king, than have a serious look at these watches.

This post does not contain any sponsored content. I wanted to write about this pure out of interest.
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Watches for kings



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