Podcast: What is actually style?

The second episode of the Stories of a Modern Dandy Podcast is online now. In the podcast I and my guests search for and discuss relevant issues in menswear world. In the first series of the podcast I try to find an answer to the question whether I as a dandy can find my wardrobe fully fair and sustainable or not? And if sustainable wear is actually sustainable?

In this second episode I am about to find out what is actually style. I need to know this before I can say anything about the style in a fairly produced way. My guest for this episode is Olaf Leeuwis, one of the most stylish students in The Netherlands and he will show us what is actually style.

The episode is in Dutch. I give a short summary in English below.

Talking with Olaf

I asked Olaf about his style, why he chose his style, and where he gets his stuff. One of his teachers at university inspired him to get more into the preppy and classical style. His teacher wore once a shirt and a pullover with a tie. The moment I spoke with Olaf he was wearing a knitted pullover with a vintage Burberry tie and a neat Uniqlo trousers with checks. A classical look but it suited very well with a young man as he.

So he wears only ties, knitwear, shirts, suits, and classical trousers. A more formal look. On the question if he is bothered with the opinion of others on his not-that-standard outfit he

answered: “Not at all. Everyone needs respect about his appearance. But I have a strong opinion about how a man should dress because it gives him a far better look”.

I asked him where to find his clothing. Surprisingly he answers that the most interesting items can be found in vintage or secondhand stores. Choosing secondhand is environmentally ‘better’ because resources are reused and not newly extracted. According to Olaf the far most interesting clothing items are vintage and the prices are interesting too.

The podcasts are available on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

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