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Modern Dandy

As you might know Dandy and the City is in the midst of a large redevelopment. The new website is being built at the very moment. Once online, the focus will be more on fair and sustainable fashion and if I can get my ‘dandy’ style complete fair and eco? Fair fashion for men should not only be casual but also for people with a refined style – whatever yours is. To support this quest I started the Stories of a Modern Dandy Podcast. The stories of a modern dandy will be a new feature with background stories about style but also about my quest for fair fashion for men.

About the podcast

In the podcast me and my guests search for and discuss relevant issues in menswear world. The podcast informs and inspires men in their daily appearance, just like the blog does.

In the first series of the podcast I will try to find an answer to the question whether I as a dandy can find my wardrobe fully fair and sustainable or not? And if sustainable wear is actually sustainable? The first series is a podcast about fair fashion for men.
Some episodes will be in English and some of them will be in Dutch.

Episode 1



In the first episode I want to do something different than other bloggers. I felt that the story I wanted to tell wasn’t that relevant anymore, because many bloggers do the same, especially on instagram. Then I watched the documentary The True Cost and started to think about my own style in relation to the production of my clothing. The True Cost discusses the way fashion – fast fashion in particular – overuses all kind of resources to make very high profits without even considering the consequences of the production of fashion. I have some background in environmental studies so I thought: this is my new theme! It is more than just showing the outfit you just bought. In the podcast I discuss with myself how fair my wardrobe is and if I can get fair clothing in my own style? This seems easy but it isn’t.

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