The first of our neck ties

And there is another of our plans realised: the birth of our own brand of conscious neck ties. Conscious since our ties are very exclusive and still consider the environment and working rights.

That is our mission: changing the world of exclusive menswear by looking exclusively smart and yet conscious about the way an outfit is produced.

About our ties

We don’t yet reveal the brand name. That is still a surprise, but we can say our exclusive ties come in very limited editions. They are more or less one of a kind; we make series of just five neck ties on average.

The fabrics we use for the ties are of very high quality.

And additionally,  the ties in our brand are sustainable. We only use fabrics which are leftovers from haute couture or are reused for our ties. We produce our ties  in Holland and they are fully handmade.

The very first

So here is tie number one of our brand.
The tie is fully made of cotton. And that makes it a robust one.

It is a very limited edition: only 5 are made.


Keep yourself posted about the next update of our plans!

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