The Personal Way of Dressing

We know already a bit of the art of dressing. What do we know about a personal way of dressing?

A massive feature of clothing is its ability to emphasize a person’s personality. Clothes show who you are or who you want to be. A fundamental way of expression. Clothes reflect our mood. They accentuate the forms of our body. The style of our clothing show with which groups we identify ourselves. That is why fashion must keep close to people. Let me explain.

Fashion vs Style

Perhaps you have heard of the so-called difference between fashion and style. Fashion is fast. I heard someone saying fashion is sexy. New designs and colours try to seduce us. Style is reliable. Style does not change much over time. Much has been written about the two and I think this distinction is correct. Fashion is about what the world wants us to wear and therefore to be. Style is about what we self want to wear and to express. 

But what happened, fashion has got us seduced. It has taken control of us. We must look like this, we must look like that - encouraged by social media. Clothing became awfully cheap, so that we buy more and more, but also throw away far more quickly. Whereas production does not reckon labour rights and production to have quite an impact on the environment.


Does fashion takes us really serious? Do we take ourselves serious when we buy and buy things we not really want to wear? Do we take ourselves serious if it is made by people who got badly paid? Do we take ourselves serious if the fabrication of our clothes pollutes? We’ve lost our personality in the way we dress. Dressing must go back to its roots: us. We should wear want we want to wear ourselves. To make the choices ourselves. That our choice not is determined by an industry which just wants to make big profits. Be fair to ourselves and to rest of the world.

Purchasing new clothing is not bad. But consider yourself that is the most important. And consider the rest of the world.

From this point of view we started with the brand Rüdy M. and our concept store. Rüdy M. is a new tie brand with the mission to slow down the pace of fashion and to reduce the impact on the environment. The ties are one of a kind, because they come in very limited editions. They are therefore very personal and add up to you personal way of dressing. We make our ties from fabrics which aren't interesting anymore for the mainstream fashion industry, but still are of very high quality. 

Curious? Have a look in our store.

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