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The fashion revolution, our fashion revolution is still going on. As you might know this is the year of Dandy and the City in which the website gets a total makeover (now being build), we’ve commenced podcasting, we are opening an online concept store, and most of all: we are launching our own conscious exclusive tie brand! In this post we take you with us about what inspires us for going into this direction.

All of our plans and all what we want to do can be reduced to its essence: style. It is all about style. It started with the style inspiration we got before our need to share style like writing and talking about it, by wearing style and try to inspire others with it, and lastly by creating style itself.

Style began when we saw a blogpost about a young man wearing a bowtie and a hat as his casual wear. We thought: wow this look pretty nice. A bowtie is a nice feature. At the time a bit hipster. But then came the questions: what is actually a bowtie? I which cases do you wear a bowtie? How do you combine a bowtie? What other nice outfits are available?


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Reading, and more reading

Then you start reading and learning about that bowtie. You discover it is about complete outfit for men eventually. You start to gain knowledge about menswear and you learn that fantastic outfits exists other than casual jeans and a jumper.

A great book that inspires is “The ABC of Men’s Fashion” by sir Edwin Hardy Amies. The provides almost unlimited information about how and when to wear certain menswear items and a short history of them. It taught us that menswear is more bound to conventions than womenswear. There is limited space for doing crazy.

It was “Dandy Lion: the black dandy and street style” however that showed that menswear and men their style certainly can be colourful. The book showed many great fashion style artists who chose to go their own sartorial way playing with the conventions of menswear.

While another great – Dutch – style guide “Man op zijn best” says that dressing differently is okay as long as you know how it should be. All is eventually allowed as longs as you show only the best version of yourself.


What all books highlight – more literature than we cited – is the importance of a fitting attitude. Dressing up, adopting style is not just about clothing it is about who you are and how you relate to other people. You are still a bastard if you have some style and keep acting as a bastard.
In the context of dresscode someone once said: “You always dress for the benefit of other people”. It is the good old aim of etiquette that you don’t want to embarrass people. We should highly value the etiquettical virtue of discretion. Unfortunately the word etiquette has got a bad connotation these days.


What inspires deeply is the environment and the place we all live in. Why should we make a mess of the place of which we all are so dependent of? Fashion has a very large environmental footprint. The raw materials for clothing need a lot of water, land, pesticides, and sheep for wool fart a lot. Cloths are made in low-wage countries with less strict working and environmental regulations. How can we chase style and not care for our own place we live in? That would still be behaviour of a bastard.

Results of what inspires

The above is just a summary of what inspires us for sharing style for men. It started personally but has now grown into something bigger. It resulted in the message of the blog: men can certainly be just as stylish as women and they should not be ashamed of how they look. We keep sharing this message!

Therefore, we want to create style for men ourselves. We want to make men happy about their looks. We want style to be a bit more environmental-conscious. So we are launching our own conscious tie brand very soon. Our ties will be very exclusive, because they are made of very high quality materials of limited availability and we want to reshape into ties. That makes our ties more or less high end refurbished. The materials we use are fabric leftovers from high fashion designers or materials that served other purposes.

The inspiration also resulted in our newest podcast series: the Stories of a Modern Dandy Podcast. In the series we talk about style for men. We dedicated the first episodes to the question if we can get our own style as fair and sustainable wear. This turns out to be very difficult. Follow the series to find out if that is possible. The podcast are available at Apple Podcast and Soundcloud, and on this blog.

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